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Bringing people closer to nature through Artificial Intelligence.

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Instantly identify over 3000 birds species, mammals of the Kruger and Yellowstone National parks, dogs and even exotic fruit with incredible accuracy.


Our Story

Your Leading Nature Identification Artificial Intelligence Identification App

What started off as a hobby with the aim of bringing two diverse worlds together, Nature and Artificial Intelligence, has grown into an automated and intricate technology managing to make a breakthrough in the world of bird and mammal identification. Since 2019, NatureAi has been making users’ lives easier by offering a wide range of products and services through its extensive platform that instantly identifies over 3000 birds species, mammals of the Kruger and Yellowstone National Parks, dogs and exotic fruits and vegetables amongst others with incredible accuracy.



It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

Simply upload a picture of a bird, wild animal, dog, or even exotic fruit that you want to identify and let NatureAi identify it for you using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

The main focus of NatureAi is to create the most accurate Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify objects in nature. As a result, our app will continuously improve its accuracy. Also, it is free, requires no subscription and this will always be the case.

How often are there updates to the App?

The app will update every time the Artificial Intelligence algorithms are improved to become more accurate. This will be dependant on the user input and when we have received enough images to warrant retraining of our algorithms.

How accurate is it?

All our apps pass the international benchmarks in human vision accuracy. This simply means if you exposed the average human being to the same photos then on average we should be correct the same amount of time as the human being to identify the photos. Our aim however is to be correct 100% of the time and therefore we added the option for users to add photos that are identified incorrectly so we can improve accuracy over time.


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